Ello there. On this blog you will find videos, music, and anything else I feel like throwing up on here....so uh.....have fun!

Apr 18

tekken tag tournament 2 gameplay coming soon.

Apr 11

the latest episode of workin with paul is out now. go watch that. and watch all of the other videos. enjoy.

i havent been updating this tumblar at all. i shall be getting back to it.

Mar 15

Feb 18

transitioning from king to paul is going to be difficult as hell.

Jan 30

valentine’s day doe.

Jan 29

Shadow of The Colossus Walkthrough Part 3: Finally Got It! 

Jan 27

dont even say hi. you good.

Jan 24

plan on doing a Q n A video soon.

leave some questions in the inbox!

Jan 15


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