Sep 27

I believe that 97% of ppl who say “I get bored easily” ain’t shit. Why? Because they aren’t willing to put in any work. They don’t put work into friendships or relationships. And a lot of em really aren’t that interesting.

Things aren’t perfect for them so they keep it movin.

Sep 22

Sep 01

i left my lamp at home, so i wont be able to do videos for awhile. that shit totally slipped my mind while i was packing. 

Aug 30



Aug 12


Jul 26


ii havent uploaded a video in ages. and honestly…ion even have an excuse. i just havent felt like making any videos…havent had any creative juices flowin…no ideas….nada. so i just been chillin.

i have about 3 videos in the stash, but i dont really like how they came out. ill probably end up posting them, but right now they shall stay where they are….in de vault.


Jul 25

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