Ello there. On this blog you will find videos, music, and anything else I feel like throwing up on here....so uh.....have fun!

Jan 14

I dropped 2 videos tonight

one on my vlogging channel and the other on my gaming channel

go check em out



Jan 13

calling it quits? 

Jan 7

me starting off my shadow of the colossus walkthrough which im still debating on whether or not to complete it 

Jan 6

Dumb Youngin’

What would you be interested in seeing me talk about on the channel?

Jan 1

on the 31st i put out a beat tape called beatsNsuch. its filled with a bunch of hippadeehoppadee stuff…a lil “experimental” jam…drums, snares, samples n so on. 

all beats are for sale…so to all you rappin ass niggas or djs or ppl who just buy stuff, hit me up if youre interested. 

go ahead and give it a listen.

Dec 30

take 9mins out of your day to see what should stay in 2013.

Dec 26

one of the commentators i watch on youtube is mrs 5000 watts.

she so got damn fine.

entertaining…and fine.

but yea…got damn…..she is FINE.

what women want.

Dec 19

this game got me heated, fam…no pun intended.